Your home should be your sanctuary, reflecting a signature style that’s authentically you: personal, inspired and original. Plan to escape the ordinary, with details that are specifically curated to embrace the unexpected and create a bespoke living experience.

Our collaborative, professional design team embraces creative individualization throughout the new build – generating “wow” moments at every turn, combining intimacy with expressiveness and creating a home that provides an unrivaled experience every time you walk through the door.


JSF provides services both domestically and internationally and have worked with developers, owners and brands around the world in creating luxury hotel environments and memorable guest experiences. With a global clientele base, our design teams have created unique and stylish designs.

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JSF combines the passion for preserving the Scottsdale lifestyle, along with it’s elevated luxury. By focusing on existing homes in the most luxurious communities, JSF breathes new life into homes of a certain age and puts the soul back for its second life.

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Our passion for creating stylish, organic, and contemporary spaces is matched by our efficiency and creativity in all of our projects. Utilizing a mixture of modern and timeless design components with simple and clean lines, our design team captures elegance in a way that rejuvenates, inspires, 
and encompasses the essence of living well.