Renovating this 90s era home, with purple carpet in all bedrooms, pine cabinets, and chartreuse colored walls, meant exciting work ahead for all of us!


Bringing this home back to its original palette was a labor of love. The dated elements from this project were replaced with soothing, timeless, and high quality materials that enabled the soul of the home to shine bright. One of our favorite elements, the porcelain floors, were of the highest quality and were made to last for generations. The colors of the planks, pressed from a coastal plank in the 

Mediterranean, accentuated the unique groves in the boards. The painstaking craftsmanship and colorthrough detail make the tiles appear as true hardwood.  

Once we had our hardscape completed, in came sleek accents, custom furniture, sculptural light fixtures, and high polished nickel details. Clean lines and timeless elements combined for a playful home, where our clients held many a fabulous affair.

Matching the homes playful level of luxury, with the lifestyle esthetic of which the homeowners are accustomed, was truly a fun and exciting project!


Before 3.jpg