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Demystifying Design: Why Hiring an Interior Designer Increases the Value of Your Home

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

When beginning the journey of building or adding to a home, it might seem plausible to do it yourself. The truth is, hiring an experienced and professional interior designer not only greatly eases the process, but it actually adds monetary value to your home. Interior designers are trained to know what updates are going to increase a home’s resale value. Skilled interior designers, such as the ones found at JSF Design, are trained in all aspects of the design process including the daunting phases of construction.

Desert modern interior design. Living room with large pendant lighting. Wood ceiling and large furniture. Table lamps and console table with marble and amber smoked glass. Wine cellar and sheer curtains.
Desert Project Great Room with Expansive Outdoor Views

This proves to be vastly helpful as you can rest assured that all work and decisions will be overseen and quality-controlled by someone who knows what to look out for and who has your back. When hiring our team, you are partnering with over 20 years of industry experience, designers who hold the skills required to foresee the unforeseen. Due to our background, we have seen it all, and most importantly, we know how to problem solve through it all. By delegating the role to a seasoned firm such as JSF Design, you can be sure the process, in its entirety, will be navigated with ease.

Wall art with neutral color palette. Modern wall sconce that is smoked glass and aged brass. White walls.
Modern Wall Sconce and Detail

Our interior designers stand out among others in our profession due to our understanding of how to use our materials. We do not rely on the price point of materials used, instead we focus on the quality of our craftsmanship and the composition we are able to create. We pride ourselves in our ability to create designs that look like they cost millions, while still working within any given budget. We are well-versed in our field and carry the knowledge needed to achieve any desired outcome with any set of parameters.

The best and most important reason to choose to work with the team at JSF Design, is because of our ability to create cohesive and beautiful environments. In our experience, oftentimes we have clients who tell us, I know what I like and what my aesthetic is, but I don’t know how to achieve it. This is when our strengths arise and we are able to efficiently help you obtain a seamless design aesthetic throughout the entire project. A beautifully composed design is one of the best ways to increase your resale value because let’s face it, people like pretty things, and even more than that, people like pretty things with purpose. Our specialty is creating timeless beauty out of functionality. They will never be two separate ideas, one always following the other.

Even if you read the above paragraph and thought, I don’t know what my style or aesthetic is, that is perfectly okay because that is also what working with the JSF Design team will do. We are committed to helping you discover your own personal taste, accompanying you on the path of developing it through your own remodel or new-build project.

In the end, when the time comes to sell your home, the ability to advertise it as curated and designed by the interior designers of JSF Design will automatically increase your home's value. People trust decisions made by professionals. Choosing to partner with us is choosing to work with individuals who are dedicated to their craft and dedicated to producing the best possible outcome for both you and your project. We are skilled artists and educated professionals who understand the ins and outs of the design and construction world.

" We see the bigger picture so you don’t have to."

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