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Design Inspirations: Frank Lloyd Wright

The designers of JSF Design Inc. have an infinite amount of creative ideas but we have a lot of people, places, and experiences to thank for that. When creating art, designs that are timeless and cutting edge, we find inspiration in everything from the way the wind rolls down sand dunes to the complex history of an ancient culture.

One of these inspirations for our designs is the respected American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. Wright was a practicing designer and architect for nearly 70 years in the first half of the 20th century and produced works that are seen as some of the most influential buildings of all time. Such works include Fallingwater in Pennsylvania, Robie House in Illinois, and Taliesan West in our home of Scottsdale, Arizona. His designs include strong linear elements, open layouts, an emphasis on shape and structure, a deep harmony and dance with the surrounding environment, and the use of rich tones and materials.

Large kitchen design inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright. Dark countertops and upholstery with wood slats.
Wright House Expansive Kitchen, Inspired by FLW

Wright always designed with 5 main philosophies in mind: Design for Democracy, Integrity and Connection, Nature’s Principles and Structures, Material and Machine, and Architecture as the Great Mother Art. At JSF Design Inc., our unwavering principles guide us through every step of the design process, ensuring excellence from the initial client meeting to the final project completion. These core values encompass the utmost dedication to quality materials, client satisfaction, boundless design creativity and innovation, and the pursuit of timeless designs.

Large bathroom design showing vanity with dark colors, warm tones, walnut slats, Frank Lloyd Wright style.
Junior Primary Bathroom Vanity, Inspired by FLW

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