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The Creative Force: An Interview with the JSF Design Team

Today, we sit down with the visionary team behind JSF Design Inc., where innovation meets creativity to shape exceptional spaces and redefine the world of interior design. With an unwavering passion for their craft, this talented group of designers and coordinators have been transforming ordinary environments into extraordinary experiences, leaving a true mark on the industry. We will delve into their inspirations, design philosophies, and the nuances that have led to success in creating spaces that inspire, captivate, and elevate living standards.

Gurney's Seawater Spa Designed by JSF Design. Large chaise lounge chairs with team wood bases. Wood slat ceiling with tiled wall. Dry sauna in the background in cedar wood.
Gurney's Seawater Spa Project

Jeffrey Florentine - Founder & CEO

How do you describe your design process?

My design process is not just about creating beautiful spaces; it's about understanding our clients' aspirations and translating them into reality. With a meticulous approach, creative expertise, and a strong focus on client collaboration, we consistently deliver exceptional interior design solutions that exceed expectations.

What part of the design process do clients get most excited about?

Clients tend to get most excited about the concept development and design proposal stages of the design process. These stages mark the transition from discussing ideas and requirements to visualizing and seeing the design take shape.

During the concept development phase, clients are often thrilled to witness their vision coming to life through detailed discussions, sketches, and mood boards. This is when they start to see how their ideas and preferences are being translated into a cohesive design concept. The exploration of different materials, color palettes, and spatial layouts sparks excitement as they imagine the possibilities for their space.

One of the most common questions we receive from clients is: "How much will the project cost?"

Understanding the cost of a design project is a crucial aspect for clients as they want to ensure that their budget aligns with their expectations. While each project is unique and costs can vary based on factors such as project size, scope, materials, and customization requirements, clients often seek clarity on the overall investment required.

As an interior design firm, we recognize the importance of transparency in addressing this question. We provide our clients with detailed cost estimates and budgets during the initial stages of the project. This includes itemized breakdowns of expenses such as design fees, materials, furniture, fixtures, labor, and any other relevant costs. By providing comprehensive information, we aim to help our clients make informed decisions regarding their design choices and budget allocation.

It's important to note that during the design process, there can be flexibility in adjusting the scope and specifications of the project to align with the client's budget without compromising on the overall vision. Our team works closely with clients to explore various options, alternatives, and cost-saving measures while still delivering a high-quality design outcome.

By addressing the question of project cost proactively and openly, we ensure that our clients have a clear understanding of the financial aspects and can make well-informed decisions throughout the design process.

living room design with view into kitchen. White "L"-shaped couch, pendant lights, ceiling to floor curtains, and pops of color
Fountain Hills Project Great Room

Roger Florentine - Director of Operations

Where do you find inspiration?

I tend to find the most inspiration for designs and projects through time spent traveling, especially in the realm of hospitality. Luxury hotels use high end commercial grade finishes that stand the test of time. Most hotels of this caliber design to the surrounding culture and architecture of the locale which greatly enhances the experience.

What do we pride ourselves in the most?

Our commitment to quality above all else. From client satisfaction to the materials selected, we will always ensure that the client feels well-served and heard throughout the entire process. When designing an environment for someone, it is so important that the client is understood and the space is created with keeping their needs and wants always at the forefront.

Large primary bedroom design with walnut floor to ceiling wood slats, white bedding, large potted plant, large sliding glass door.
Hex Project Primary Suite

Jonathan - Architectural Designer

How do you describe your design process?

My design process comes from a place of engagement. By this, I mean I look at and listen to what each design is being called to do and to create. This then leads me to utilize an iterative process to hone in on what is and what may not be being executed. The user has to be at the forefront of any design solution and should always be considered as the process reaches any conclusion.

What is your own personal design style?

My personal design style is constantly evolving. I find that many styles have great solutions to a variety of problems. I’m interested in discovering and learning how these are utilized to create new twists on old philosophies. By doing this, a new language can start to form that will help build upon what was previously considered. Currently, I have been studying Brutalism, Minimalism, Art Deco and Contemporary design styles.

What part of the design process do clients get most excited about?

I find that clients get most excited during the conceptual stages of projects. This is where we will present uniquely curated packages for them after our initial meetings.

Our presentations become a conversation between client and designer which allows them to truly engage with the design process. This also gives the designer an opportunity to help educate them in our design decisions.

Desert outdoor patio design with view of mountains. Soft outdoor furniture in neutral tones and wood.
Solace Project Outdoor Patio View

Chrisanne Tirres - Junior Designer

What does timeless design mean to you?

Timeless design to me is something that will stand the test of time. A space that you walk into and you can’t tell if it’s from now or 10 years ago. The problem with fads is that they’re exciting for a short amount of time, but then inevitably they become boring and muted. To me, a successful design should be something that speaks to the architecture and the environment around it, otherwise it’s not cohesive.

What do you enjoy most about being part of the JSF team?

My favorite part of being a part of the JSF team is the freedom to express my ideas, to collaborate with other team members, and to achieve a vision I may have for a project. Sometimes it’s hard to express the vision you see in your head and put it out into the world that way it’s meant to be portrayed, but my team makes it easier to do so by listening to my ideas and growing them in ways I never thought of.

How do we set ourselves apart from other firms in the valley?

Our team comes from various backgrounds of hospitality and service industry so we are really able to hone in on the small details that clients love. I believe we go above and beyond thinking about details that other firms may not have considered. Not only do we design and create spaces, but we also cater to our clients from a hospitality perspective which sets us aside from any other firm in the industry.

Large primary suite indoor/outdoor shower with black stone and dual showerheads. Outdoor wood-slatted shower with rain-shower head.
Hex Project Indoor/Outdoor Shower

Anna Paty - Junior Designer & Public Relations

What do you enjoy most about being part of the JSF team?

I love being a part of this team of creatives!

JSF is a luxury boutique firm and I think it is one of our strengths. When you work in such a creative environment, camaraderie and the ability to bounce ideas off one another is so important. It really strengthens the creative process for everyone involved.

Another aspect that I really appreciate is how we all come together with our different backgrounds and contribute something very unique to the firm as a whole. We all go above and beyond our given “roles” and are always using our strengths to make the designs and our clients’ experience that much better.

What is your own personal design style?

All things natural! I have always carried a deep connection and respect for the natural world and environments that surround us and I think it is so important to remember that connection when designing indoor spaces. I love shapes that are fluid and organic, soft subtle patterns, and materials and textures that speak of where they come from. I believe that playing with texture and materiality can add interest into any space while still keeping it sophisticated and timeless.

What aspect of a project do you enjoy the most?

Design is such a special art form because it is ever-changing just as society, and the world around us, progresses. A direct reflection of humanity and culture. Through this is the ability to find an individual's story and discover what makes them unique in the movement of it all. I so enjoy meeting a client and getting to learn and understand them and their goals for the environment I get to have a hand in creating for them.

Casita bedroom design with floor to ceiling wood-slats. Floating bedside table and white bedding with plants and round light fixture.
Wright House Project Casita Bedroom

Bill Buck - Director of Finance

What do you enjoy most about being part of the JSF team?

As the Director of Finance for JSF Design, being part of the team brings me immense joy and fulfillment. Being in the luxury interior design sector allows me to be a part of transforming spaces into extraordinary works of art. Witnessing the evolution of an idea from concept to reality is truly rewarding. I take great pride in contributing to the financial aspects that make these exceptional designs come to life. It's fulfilling to play a role in ensuring the financial viability of our projects and witnessing the positive impact our work has on our clients' lives.

Large same-level outdoor patio design with large pool and neutral-toned outdoor furniture.
Solace Project Outdoor Patio Sunset View

Carrie Buck - Director of Purchasing & Logistics Coordinator

What is the question you get asked the most by clients?

As the Director of Purchasing and Logistics Coordinator for JSF Design, the question I get asked the most by clients is typically related to the timeline and delivery of their interior design project. Clients often want to know how long it will take for their project to be completed and when they can expect to receive their furniture, fixtures, and other items.

They are interested in understanding the overall process and logistics involved in ordering, shipping, and delivering the products for their project. They may ask about the lead times for different items, the coordination of deliveries to ensure everything arrives on time, and any potential delays that could arise during the process.

Clients want reassurance that their project will be completed within the agreed-upon timeframe and that the logistics of delivery and installation will be handled efficiently. They often want updates and clear communication throughout the process to ensure a smooth and successful execution of their interior design project.

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