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The Project Stages

Cement fireplace with amber glass and custom cabinetry.

Initial Consultation 

During our initial consultation, we prioritize a deep understanding of your needs and ideas, aiming to grasp your vision for the project. Engaging in detailed discussions, we expound on our process and the array of services we offer. Providing insight into our design philosophy, we outline how we can transform your aspirations into the space you've always envisioned.

Taking the time to comprehend your lifestyle, family requirements, and personal style, we strive to craft a space that seamlessly aligns with your preferences. Together, we delve into discussions about your budget and timeline, ensuring that your project unfolds within the parameters of your desired timeframe.


By the conclusion of the consultation, you can anticipate leaving with a more profound understanding of our design methodology and a clearer perspective on the intricacies involved in bringing your project to life.

Project proposal

We customize our services for each unique project, tailoring our design fees and contract terms to align with the specific Scope of Work involved. This ensures that our approach is precisely attuned to the distinct requirements and intricacies of each project.

The Design process

At our Interior Design Firm, we understand that every project is unique. That's why we take a personalized approach to the design process, offering a customised combination of the following stages:


Concept Design

Approvals (e.g. HOA Applications, Permitting & City Applications),

Design Development 


Construction & Inspection 

The finishing process

The Finishing Process refers specifically to the Furniture & Installation segment of the project. Working closely with you, our team collaborates to choose or craft furniture, furnishings, accessories, and artwork that harmonize perfectly with the interior architecture and design of your space.

We meticulously oversee quality control for all orders and ensure flawless placement during the installation phase. Our commitment to working within your budget guarantees that you receive optimal value for your investment.


With our personalized services, rest assured that your interior will be thoughtfully designed, creating a space that you will genuinely adore.

Natural materials include stone and leather.

‘To achieve perfect results for our clients, we follow a process of discovery, ideation and project management to ensure a successful outcome.’

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